Means to The End Show

As you might imagine, things have been pretty busy around here since the the big announcement. I’m sure that wedding planning will take up more and more of my time, but right now the biggest difference is that my photography gigs have switched from supporting my junkie-like camera equipment habit to supporting my impending nuptials.

I was so excited that the much-awaited next issue of RE:COM magazine came out with my story and photospread about Hamclown, a monthly comedy/variety show in downtown LA produced by my dear friends Josh Androsky and Grant Pardee. I am pleased as punch with how it came out…I can’t wait to see the paper version of the magazine (you can get yours here).

This week I’m in between my best friend visiting and a weekend in San Diego (we’ll be checking out a potential wedding venue while we’re out as well), but in the middle I’m planning on going to The End Show on Wednesday and shooting it for a potential future photo spread. I’m attracted to it because it’s a comedy show in a book store, and as a librarian/photographer whose broken lens was just returned, that setup is like catnip to me. It’s a pretty new show run by the adorable Chase Darren and the very handsome Matt Ingebretson (what is up with all these comedians being so good looking, by the way?) Recently I had a great time shooting Matt right in the face.


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