Ill-Gotten Brains (Bay Area edition) & other adventures

I’m in San Francisco right now, in an apartment full of Google employees, trying (and failing) to fall asleep so I can get some rest before my potentially grueling Monday through Friday, 9 to 5 class schedule this week at Rare Book School. I’m taking Rare Book Cataloging at UC Berkeley all week, and I suspect I’ll learn a lot, because even the pre-class homework I’ve had was intense and enlightening.

I hope to see some friends while I’m here in the Bay Area, but I know I’ll be plenty busy as well, not only with homework, but I also have to practice, practice, practice, my Ill-Gotten Brains talk that I’m going to give on Thursday at the (hilariously, awesomely-named) Bone Room. Check out this cool poster they made for my lecture:

In Library Land, the Poisoner’s Handbook event went off nicely, we had a good turnout and those who came out had really nice things to say about how much fun they had. Here’s my favorite picture from the event, with author Deborah Blum, me & my skull friend surrounded by the lovely duo of Alie & Georgia, and our library’s director Bill Clintworth.

Also we at the library have been shooting videos for our Youtube channel, but most of them have been faceless tutorials, so we experimented with a video with a person in it, and that person (for better or worse) was me.

I think Vanna White’s job is safe.


2 thoughts on “Ill-Gotten Brains (Bay Area edition) & other adventures

  1. Daniel Ransom says:

    I was recently recorded giving a presentation to our nursing students, and I’m somewhat thankful that the DVD transfer is so blurry that it is too useless to post online. I can without having to hear my own voice.

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