On the make

It’s autumn in Los Angeles (such as it is) and a lady’s thoughts turn to crafting, especially when she’s planning a very DIY style wedding. Knitting’s happening a lot more frequently these days. I love the fall and all its trappings, and to me crafting is a big part of it.

My friend Brienne came over just before Halloween, saying she had a “project” for us. It was a big beautiful pumpkin. “Let’s carve it!” she said, and then we started talking, and had a few drinks, and did nothing.

One night, Halloween being closer still, Etan, our friend Alexis and I were determined to carve that pumpkin. We drew all over pieces of paper, we argued over the various design merits and issues of structural integrity, and we tasted various pumpkin and brown ales, and the pumpkin escaped yet another evening unscathed.

Don't get comfortable, Pumpkin.

Halloween came and went, and I finally decided to go for it and try to make a soup from it with curry and coconut milk and lots of yum.

So I hack up this pumpkin (NOT EASY, my arms hurt just thinking about it), roast up the seeds, roast the big hunks of it for hours, leave it overnight because that took too long, and the next day ended up with an actual, yummy soup (that I will probably never make again, because 2 days to make soup??) but I’m still glad I did it.

This weekend, I took two crafty classes with vague intentions of using the skills for wedding stuff, but also just because they’re two skills I’d like to possess.

Friday I learned how to make a terrarium at The Warehouse LA. It was super fun and easy. I put a key and a bird in mine, because I am parody of myself.

Saturday I took an all day bookbinding class at my beloved neighborhood Machine Project, taught by a UCLA conservator. It was an amazing process, sewing together the signatures, building the cover from cardboard and fancy papers and glue, and putting the whole thing together at the end. I’m so happy with the end result, though I’m at a bit of a loss as to what I would write in its pages. For now, I just kinda want to carry it around and look at it from time to time.

It’s exciting to feel my creative juices starting to flow a bit again, in this lull before the storm. Once Thanksgiving comes, it’s all birthdays (including my big 3-0), Chanukah, Christmas in Philly (and our engagement party there), New Year’s, and our anniversary. I’ll enjoy this feeling while it lasts, because next time I look around, it will be 2012.


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