Repicture Posey

I couldn’t have been happier when comedian Brandie Posey asked me if I could do an update from her previous shoot, since she now has completely different hair. She’s my first repeat customer, and an absolute delight to shoot; she’s such a natural, plus it’s really fun just hanging out with her. Brandie is not afraid of color, and changes in color, makeup, and lighting can give her wildly different looks. Also, girl sure knows how to smize. Ms. Tyra would be proud.

There’s been a real spike in the photo business lately and I am so thrilled, because every shoot goes right into the wedding fund, and every cent is needed for that, to be sure. Including this shoot with Brandie, I have four confirmed comedian shoots this month! This blog will be a little more active as I post some highlights from these shoots.

Without further ado, here’s the delightful Ms. Brandie Posey.

<img alt="" src="


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