>That’s Right, I’m the Mac.

>So after a little research and profuse drooling, I took the plunge and ordered a Macbook. And holy hell if I’m not like an expectant mother, counting down the days for my baby to arrive. The more I’m learning about computers in my LIS2600 readings the more excited I feel about this purchase. Here are some specs of my particular machine:

2.0GHz Intel Core Duo
1GB 667 DDR2 SDRAM- 2×512
60GB Serial ATA drive
SuperDrive (DVD±RW/CD-RW)

I upgraded the RAM on the mid-range option computer and also bought the service program because I’ve heard good things about it, and it’s inexpensive for a 3-year plan. Even the actual purchasing of the machine online was an experience for two reasons.

1.) As I was entering the cart area on the Apple site, a little window popped up and said there was an Apple rep waiting to live chat with me should I have any questions. Indeed, I did have questions regarding the payment plan and also their free recycling program of old computers. So I clicked on it, and someone said, “Hi I’m Scott from Apple, how can I help you today?” And while I asked the incredibly helpful Scott my questions, I had a little daydream that he really was Justin Long as the Mac guy from the new commercials. (A great review of the new commercials is here.)Mac has really got that human touch down.

2.)To take advantage of the payment plan, I had to sign up for an Apple Credit Card, which they had to instantly approve online before I purchased the computer. They asked me a few very standard questions (name, address, SSN, mother’s maiden name) and then as a security check asked me some very odd questions. The first was asking what county my address growing up was in. Ok, that makes some sense. The second gave me various age ranges and asked which one Jxxxx Cxxxxx was in (but they had his full name), who is my little brother. How did they know he was my brother? Also they asked what town my brother (by name) lived in. It was only after I answered those questions that they approved the card.

Now, I’m glad they asked various security question so some jerk couldn’t steal my identity, but how did they get that info, anyway? I kind of felt like HAL from 2001 was spying on me. Still I’m super happy with the customer service I’ve seen so far and I’m anxiously awaiting my baby Macbook’s arrival.

But if that thing starts singing “Daisy, daaaaaisy” to me, it’s going out the effin’ window.

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