>We now interrupt your regularly scheduled blogging for a little hissyfit of how much work I have to do this week:

This Internet Scout Portal* project is taking FOREVER. We only have to do 25 objects for it now, and I worked pretty much non-stop from 5-12pm and got 10 done. This one I can only work on at home, and I’m seeing a friend from out of town tonight, so I have to figure out how I’m going to pull 15 more out of my ass by Friday. SIGH.

Connotea: up from 10 to 27 thanks to yesterday’s (extended) lunchbreak. Plan to do the same today. Need to hit 100. I think by Friday but I’m not sure.

del.icio.us: riding steady at 23 out of the required 50. That’s because it’s so much easier to tag with del.icio.us.

discussion board posts: did the first for the week last night, need to do another response by Sunday. Will probably try to fit it in before Friday if that’s humanly possible.

book review: all 3 books read, no notes taken. need at least the notes before I go to Seattle. due Monday, 1500 words.

3x’s weekly blogging: Hi! Guess this week I’m going for quantity, not quality (although I’m not doing so hot on the quantity either). I’m sure it’s super interesting to everyone who’s not me.

tag cloud: site doesn’t even work but they expect us to formulate one by Wed the 28th while I’m in Seattle. We’ll see how that plays out.

website assignment: don’t even want to think of that at the moment, still haven’t had time to look at or understand Nvu. Having built a website before and knowing that it takes a lot of time, and that time is exactly what I don’t have, I’m not optimistic.

packing for Seattle: haven’t even started, although I’m still partially packed from Toronto so it shouldn’t be that hard, right? Ha!

I started Monday thinking I was ahead of the curve, ready to write my paper on Tuesday. Found myself Tuesday paddling and gasping for air. If I can get my work done this week in a timely fashion I will be AMAZED.

*when I couldn’t get the Scout Portal to work on my work computer yesterday, I emailed myself the link to try at home. I entitled the email, “Fuck a Scout Portal.” I thought this was very funny. Must be the sleep deprivation.

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