>L-A-Z-Y, I ain’t got no alibi

A hilariously old picture of me during the creation of my first website, for historical accuracy. Please note how incredibly old my computer is, my fuzzy leopard computer monitor, my awesome Sony headphones, and my boy Michael Moore egging me on.

Well I did manage to finish my website, and I’m pretty darn happy with the way it came out. I actually did learn some things through this assignment, especially regarding Javascript, RSS feeds, and CSS.

But what of that pesky book review that’s due today? Um, yeah. That. I will get to that. I will sit in my wartorn apartment among the mass of clothing, cat fur, and salt water taffy wrappers and I will interrobang that fucker out. (Interrobang as a verb, sure, why not?!)

Thing is, I could have at least started it last night, but I didn’t. I was just being profoundly lazy. Instead of looking back through Linked, I sprawled out on the couch and read the Fall Fashion Preview issue of Vogue. (By the way Vogue, I’m still waiting for my free handbag. Je ne l’ai pas oublié, bitches.) Then I actually did do my website, but the review hung in the air like when one inserts a French phrase randomly into an English blog. L-A-Z-Y: it hits me right when I need it to go away the most.

So instead of doing some prepwork at lunch right now, I’m going to sit in the park with my friend, eating Thai food and looking at dogs. I think tonight is going to be a long, long night.


7 thoughts on “>L-A-Z-Y, I ain’t got no alibi

  1. Justin says:

    >I actually took a half day off work to finish my review. I was feeling largely the same as you were. I’m glad it’s done. It was easier than I had first thought it was going to be. Christian was in the office bright and early!

  2. Megan says:

    >Sadly I’m really busy at work today too but I’m trying to avoid all that stuff too. Yeah. I only get this way at the end of a term which is badddd. And that Christian, he’s such a good boy! Haha

  3. Cara says:

    >I really like your site, it looks great. I like that you made the colors basic. I got carried away and it looks like someone threw up on it.I don’t know what it is about this last paper, it seems to be giving everyone such a headache…good luck

  4. Megan says:

    >Thanks for the pep talk everyone, I managed to get the paper done with minimal casualties. And I’m glad people like the site, I’m really happy with the result.Stef – glad you like the CD and even happier you used interrobanging to describe it! You can listen to it and interrobang all night long! Uhm..

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