>Christmas in Paris

>It is just far too hot to live today. Even in my air-conditioned office the idea that it’s that hot outside is mocking me. So as a bit of a Calgon moment, I’m going to post some pictures of me in Paris in the cold weather and pretend I’m there and it’s cold.

Me my first morning in Paris drinking some REAL coffee in Montmartre

Scott finds his twin at the Musee D’Orsay

The Eiffel Tower at dusk. I long for scarf weather.

It was so cold down on the Seine! Mmmm chilly….

Being coquettish at the Moulin Rouge

Scott in heaven

And last but not least, the best picture in the world: Paris at Christmas time. In the front, Scott. In the back, our friends Tami and Manning who we stayed with, smooching. I have a glossy picture of this in my cube and I sigh at it periodically everyday.


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