>I know I’ve been quiet, dealing with some personal shit but I’m keepin’ on. I’m planning a very educational/nerdly remaining break, including:

* a trip to the Rosenbach Museum (never made it there the other day, too much lounging around with coffee and my copy of Wired with Stephen Colbert on the cover. It was totally worth it.)

* Sunday I will probably load all my books on LibraryThing so you can all know what a true snobby little brat I really am.

* probably going to the MoMA with the Duckman August 26 to see that amazing Dada exhibit. I will probably get us hopelessly lost, Duck will probably get us killed. Stay tuned.

On the work front:

Please oh please oh please.


6 thoughts on “>M.I.A.

  1. Stefanie says:

    >Go Go Megan Go!!!!!I will be in New York the weekend before the 24th. Darn our (lack of) cosmic timing.PS- I can’t seem to get enough Maury Povich. These are the sort of things I am willing to reveal to you– and the rest of the Internet.

  2. Burntdisk says:

    >Along with anything else that happens to pop out of your mouth or keyboard 😉 Will say you’re not a secretive person. Gas station, that’s all I have to say.

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