>Knitters Gone Wild


My knitting circle is not exactly like many others. We have some very strange things in common besides knitting, one is that a lot of us are librarians or librarians-in-training (which might not be that surprising as far as stereotypes go), but a more unusual one is a love for New Wave music. Over a year ago my knitting group introduced me to a once-a-month New Wave dance party called Sex Dwarf, and although I had never wanted to dance in public before (I’m both tone deaf and devoid of any rhythm) I went and had such a great time that I was hooked. I brought Zinnia with me this time, and it was a blast! It was the third anniversary so everyone had to wear red and black. Witness the sweat and debauchery.

Zinnia and I ready to leave – put on your red shoes and dance the blues

Cute picture of me and Zinnia on the dancefloor

Robby and Superstar DJ Robert Drake

Sam, the glorious Ms. Jackie, and my sweaty self.

Knittas represent

Me and my awesome gay boyfriend, Robby

Blood in the disco!

Another fun one of me and Z.

Group action shot!

There are so many more pictures! I have a few more here, the ones marked with an “R” were stolen from Robby’s pictures (of which there are 1,000) here. Fun fun!

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