>Did They Tell You How the West Was Won?

>On my day off Monday Scott and I concocted the best of all possible concept birthday cakes for our dear friend Christian. It was inspired by a previous cake Scott had done, called 2001: A Cake Odyssey, which was conceptual only in that that phrase was written on the cake. This idea started modestly and spiralled wonderfully out of control. We decided to do Manifest Destiny in cake form, dubbing it Manifest Birthday. We put little flags with Christian’s face on it all over the globe, representing stereotypes of various cultures (mostly for the comedic value of drawing on Christian’s face.) Here goes:

Scott fills in the continents with the precision of a surgeon.

Manifest Birthday in its full glory.

Top of the World! Took some flags out to show the continents. Not bad for freehanding.

A ludicriously large beret, a baguette, and a bottle of wine for Chretien, and a fez for his Moroccan counterpart. Notice the major difference between the French and the Morroccan is the curliness of his moustache.

The Fu Man Chu here looks a bit like Charles Manson, and sadly you can’t see the rest of the Russian picture, which features a hammer and sickle insignia on his lapel and a jaunty pipe.

Christian and his Penguin friend at the South Pole.

Christian SCUBAing off the coast of Greenland. Most have been cold!

Christian loves the President!

Christian the Great terrorizes the earth.

After this picture we immediately dug into the chocolate cake, and in classical imperialist tradition we carved up Africa first. Somehow I see more silly cakes in our future…

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