>C’est la vie, say the old folks, goes to show you never can tell.


If you guys know me at all, you know I LOVE Halloween. Love.it. And because of that I’ve been cursing Pittsburgh, where I will be for the best weekend of the year, doing decidedly un-Halloweeny things. During the last on-campus I was thinking we could have a big Halloween party somewhere, but since it’ll be pretty jammed up with schoolwork I think that’s an impossibility. But maybe, if we plan ahead, we could have a little one? Like, at someone’s house for instance? (cough, Stefanie, cough). Or maybe get dressed in costume and go to a bar? I mean, we’re going to be drinking anyway, we might as well be dressed up! But we’d have to plan in advance, just so people can bring a costume, because I do not want to be the only one dressed up (and I WILL dress up).

So, is anyone interested in a little costume party thing while we’re at Pitt? Just a few of us, of course 😉 I have a pretty easy costume already in mind, as you can tell from the images here. What I’d really like to do is do the O.D.’d Mia Wallace, complete with syringe in her chest, but I never could think of the proper way to get it to stand up (that’s what he said). Maybe just a blood-trickle from the nose would suffice…

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