>Blame the Cold

>Just updating to let you all know that I’m not entirely dead. On the rare occasion I get a cold, it usually only lasts a day or two, but we’re going on a week and a day here, which is some sort of record for me (which is why I can’t stop whining about it!). I had a nice weekend in Baltimore despite being totally ridiculously sick the whole time, and today I’m back at work, trying to catch up, and I’m super weak and exhausted and high on caffeine and Dayquil and sushi. I brought my laptop to Baltimore but didn’t check the boards once, I am a very bad grad student this week. I do know that we have some sort of assignment due today that for 2700 that she gave us Friday (evil!) and there’s a paper due for 2002 next Monday, which I should really start soonish because I seem to be slow as molasses about everything since I caught the plague.

Tonight I have to read chapter 3 of Ulysses for my book group tomorrow, do that assignment, and try to coax myself back into the land of the living. I bought fuzzy slippers today on my lunchbreak; I’m tempted to put them on at my desk. Alas it is only 2pm on the Monday of my discontent and I have much to do before I can get home and get comfortable. Until then my body parts will take turns hurting and I will periodically emerge out of cold medicine stupors long enough to send journals all over the country. Joy. Rapture.

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