>How Do I Afford my Rock-n-Roll Lifestyle?

>I ended up having a really fun time last night. I went to The Shack and had dinner, Debbie met me there and we talked a bit which is always nice. She invited me on a mini-tour with Adam Arcuragi around my birthday to NYC and possibly points north (she said I could blog the tour, haha!), and I’m psyched about that idea, so I think I might push the impending b-day party dealy a week. I’m getting kinda excited about all my plans and such (more in a bit).

My friend Candice had scored free tickets to see Joan Jett and asked me to come along. So Candice met me and we went to T-Mom’s for a beer, then to the TLA. I got there and was flabberghasted that the marquee said the Eagles of Death Metal were opening for Joan Jett. Wait a second, I thought, isn’t the object of my creepiest desires, Josh Homme, in that band? Oh and I have a VIP pass?! Uhhh whoa!

(Yes I realize he’s totally not really good looking, but he’s so sexy! And that voice! Swoon.)

Then I walked in and over to the bar area, hoping we didn’t miss them so I could drool over Homme’s dirty gyrations and honeyed voice, and who is the first person I see? My friend Sal! And then Robby! YAY. So we hung out for a bit and Eagles of Death Metal came on. Now I admit, I know nothing about them other than Josh Homme had something to do with them. The singer/guitarist had red hair like Josh, but was skinnier and had some super creepy Hessian facial hair. Oh no, I thought, Josh, why would you do such a thing? But when he sung I knew there was no way in hell that was him, and I WISHING I had an Internet connection or something to figure out what was up. Did Josh quit the band at some point? Well, the dear Internet told me this morning (thanks Wikipedia: teacher, mother, secret lover) that Josh IS in the band, he DRUMS for them, and I didn’t even see/notice the drummer! Sal said when I was going on about Josh he walked behind me, looking for the stage door, but I think he was talking about the singer. Fuck. Oh well, guess my rockstar fantasy will remain unrealized.

Joan Jett was pretty cool, although some of her new songs are god awful, and Candice seemed really less than enthused the entire set. Although, mon dieu, the body on Joan Jett! The woman is 48 years old and has the butt of a 20 year old… in those leather pants and vinyl top, she’s hot as all get out, which every lesbian in the joint noticed I’m sure (and trust me, there were a lot of them there). When she played, “I Love Rock n Roll” Candice was ready to roll (out the door) but then I heard the beginning strains of “Ah-ahh” and grabbed her arm from halfway down the stairs…CRIMSON AND CLOVER. Fuck I love that song so much, one of my favorite songs of all time, her cover is especially good, and at this point I was kinda drunk so I swayed and sung CRIMSON AND CLOVAH, OVA AND OVA…oh hells yes.

This morning I felt a touch hung over but I’m generally OK, drinking coffee and lamenting my near miss of my creepy rockstar boyfriend. Maybe I will listen to Joan’s cover of Crimson and Clover, then some Queens of the Stone Age, and melt into a giant puddle. Hopefully I can reconstitute myself in time to go to the dentist this afternoon. Did I mention my dentist’s first name is Axel? I am so rock n roll.

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