>Nerd Alert

>One of my favorite memories from Space College thus far came from our first on-campus session. Our little bad kids clique had just formed (and of course, being the “bad kids” in library school is pretty relative!) and we went to check out the gorgeously redesigned Carnegie Mellon Library. As we traipsed through the ground floor we came across a large room with one wall lined with a card catalogue. Instinctively we all (and by we all, I think I mean Stef and me) ran over to the catalogue and said, “Ooh!”, opening the drawers and smelling the old paper inside.

My new place is slowly coming together and I’m really excited about the way it looks so far. None of the art is on the walls yet, though, and I’m waiting for my tall bookshelves to come so we can unpack the books into the “reading nook” area of the living room. But one of the main design elements that has been vexing me is where to put all the media. Now, books look gorgeous on a shelf, I would never want to hide my books. Vinyl, while not particularly pretty, is not totally unappealing as the spines are pretty uniform. But CDs, DVDs, and VHS? FUGLY. It’s like having a mini Times Square in your living room–all garishly colored advertisements. Right now I have some shitty white IKEA shelves and towers that look terrible in my new place (not that I particularly liked them to begin with, but they did look much better two apartments ago when my room was hot pink and black). Listening to one of the Organizing Info lectures last night, I got a brainstorm and did a search and found the solution to my worries at a rather reasonable price. Behold:

It holds about 450 CDs/200 DVDs/100 VHS tapes or any combination therein. Squee! I cannot WAIT for my own baby card catalogue to show up! I will wait everyday by the window like Bart Simpson waiting for his spy camera.

Today my nerdiness has reached new heights.

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