>Profiles in Awesomeness: Septa Operator 55

>I know what you’re probably thinking, me praising a SEPTA employee? Has she finally fell off her rocker? Well I’m just as shocked as you are, but I just felt that I needed to give some big Illadelph ups to my morning train conductor, who identified himself this morning as SEPTA Operator 55.

Normally the conductors on the Market-Frankford El (and the Broad St. Line) are anonymous and only speak when absolutely necessary or totally pissed off. But not S.O. 55. Every morning after the Spring Garden stop he exclaims, “Good Morning Philadelphia!” just as the waterfront appears and disappears from view. He also gives us helpful courtesy hints to make our ride more enjoyable..this morning he informed us that smoking is prohibited not only on the train and in the underground platform but on the platforms that are outside as well! I was surprised to hear that, thanks for the info, S.O. 55!

But the real reason I’m writing this praiseworthy post is regarding an incident sometime last week. A stop or two into my train ride, when the doors opened, someone hurled an empty soda bottle out of the doors onto the platform. One thing you may or may not know about me is that I DESPISE LITTERING. I have almost gotten in physical altercations with strangers over it. It’s just one of those things that really gets my goat, I think it’s so disrespectful to the other inhabitants of this fair city. Anyway the doors were closing, and S.O. 55 reopened the doors and announced, “Will the person who just threw that bottle on the platform please go retrieve it and put it in the receptacle. This train is not moving until you throw away your trash.” Boo-yah! Take that, littering scum! That person was probably so fucking embarrassed as a train full of eyes burned a hole in him, he went onto the platform, picked up the bottle, threw it in the trashcan and got back on the train. Once the doors closed, S.O. 55 told us passengers about how very dangerous it is to litter on SEPTA trains and platforms, as bottles and debris can get on the tracks and cause fire hazards and service interruptions. I couldn’t possibly hide the grin on my face, and I think I saw a few other smirks as well.

So SEPTA Operator 55, I salute you.

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