>And they’re buying us drinks and they’re givin’ us winks…

>Writing this entry in the Austin airport, I’ll try to focus my eyes long enough to make it coherent. Edit: I actually fell asleep right after writing this and missed my plane! I’m home now though so all is well. Heat is pulsating off of my hilariously uneven sunburn, my eyes are on fire, I have the worst allergies ever, I slept only a few hours each night, more than one friend had really unfortunate drama, and I have to go to work tomorrow somehow.

Now that I’ve gotten any and all whining and bullshit out of the way, I’m left with this: I had a fucking great time at South by Southwest. I feel pretty fucking great, this little crazy vacation was just what I needed.

Won’t give the blow-by-blow because it would take forever and probably be boring, but I did take a lot of pictures. The full set is on my Flickr. There are some pretty good ones.

Ryan watching Adam play, Thursday night, shortly after I arrive in Austin.

Adam napping like a Texan

These United States, best pic I’ve taken of them yet.

Debbie and I finally get a pic taken together. The lighting is really weird here.

There were tons of crazy parties going on with lots of free booze and weird stuff. We stopped at the Diesel party for a hot second to see this crazy scene going down. Oh, and they had bowling too.

Hanging out with Adam Arcuragi and brand new friend Dawn Landes who turned me into a superfan of hers overnight. We went down to a river to watch this swarm of bats come out at night, they didn’t but it was beautiful nonetheless.

Adam’s set at the Philebrity Philly Jawn party, there’s an awesome video about Adam from this here.

Adam and Peter teach a Philebrity reporter how to play the saw. Not as easy as it looks!

One of the best things about going to SXSW was meeting up with my friend Dana who’s been in the army and out of touch for two years. We had a blast this weekend and she asked me to be her maid-of-honor in her wedding! I love her.

Dana smoking outside of Cream Vintage at Philly Jawn. Bob Dylan’s on the wall in the back.

Dawn, Adam, and J. Tom Hnatow make beautiful music together.

Probably the best pic I’ve ever taken of Adam.

Goddamn this girl is good, backed by an incredible bluegrass band she met in Austin, they brought the house down. Maybe one of the best sets I’ve seen, ever.

My favorite pic of the weekend, newly minted major label A&R rep Ryan “signs” Vandaveer for $25 on the back of a business card. He’s going to have to pay that shit back though, no such thing as a free lunch. Probably one of those you-had-to-be-there things.

Overall I had a fantastic time, too tired and delirious to piece together a more cohesive narrative than this. Too too much fun at SXSW.

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