>Photo du Jour: Last Tango in Paris, double shot

>It’s impossibly early in San Fran right now, I’m pretty sure I went back in time yesterday flying over so many timezones, but I’m here, eating cold leftover room service and trying to get my bearings. The travel day won’t get a photo (I’d rather forget that one, honestly) but my last day was great so you’ll get two pics.

Castles in the Sky


Manning and I cold-chillin’ on castle ruins at St. Remy les Chevreuse, a little hamlet outside of Paris. This would be the album cover of our band that would only sing in franglais.

Zese fucking guys


American friend Jesse from These United States outside of the venue where they played in Les Halles. I was so glad to see him and JzayTom and Vandaveer, with their big smiling American faces and American hugs. I just wished we got to hang out longer!

Now I’m in San Fran having to remember how to do work and stuff. Boooo. The complete Paris photo set can be found here.
Au revoir beeches.

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