>Mes Trèsors

>I decided to start a flickr photo set with some of my favorite things I’ve come into possession recently. Most are things I pick up at used bookstores or thrift shops that are lovely and old. Here’s a couple of photos.

A postcard from 1910, purchased for $1 at a used bookstore in Long Beach, CA:


Washborn, Texas
December 29, 1910
Dear Alonzo how
are you and why
dont you rite to us
we would like to
hear from you
Harry is hear
with us he likes
it down hear
fine pleas rite to
us oftener Mother


There are a lot of great books, some are not worth much but are pretty, some worth more, but they’re all special to me 🙂


This week in Philadelphia I got a couple of cute French language Beatrix Potter copies. Here’s adorable Pierre Lapin:


Also this one is old, I got it in 2005 somewhere in California, needs to be framed, November 1960 full issue of Life magazine with Jackie O. and JFK on the cover. Some of the ads inside are great too.


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