>Down to the Wire

>I started this blog about two years ago as a compulsory assignment. Here I am, on the cusp of graduating with my Master’s in Library & Information Science, and despite my usual blythe nature about such things I have to admit, it feels really huge.

This kind of thing doesn’t really happen in my family, and because of that, they don’t really have an idea of what it means for me. And that’s fine and not their fault, but it does give me the urge to go ahead and make a big deal about it for myself. Because if I won’t, who will? I’ve had two former graduations go by with a whisper (the first one, actually, was a bit of a personal tragedy for me, which is probably why I fixate on this sort of thing). But it’s not about the ceremony. I’m not even going to the ceremony. It’s about me knowing that I saw what I wanted to do, I did it all on my own (and through a remarkably difficult time in my life) and I finished. I went in on one side feeling lost and trapped, I come out feeling full of options and legitimately proud.

All that aside, there’s still a month to go and it is a doozy of a month. I just finished the most foreboding assignment (which explains the optimism of this post) but I have a lot of assignments still left in a month during which I will be in at least 4 states. And I feel like some of these assignments, though finishing them is important, aren’t exactly of burning importance for me or my future. So who do I turn to? The cataloger’s patron saint, Saint Minutia.

I love that she’s splitting a hair with a sword. Also I feel she’s very apropos, considering my big project was all about French medieval literature.

Back to hacking through this final month’s forest of work, one hair at a time.

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