Cross References

If I’m not reading before bed, I’m doing crossword puzzles. Because I’m secretly an 80-year-old (maybe it’s not such a secret). Working on one last night, the first answer I got was this one (Question: Revenge of the ___). And I thought, this pretty much sums it up:

The first puzzle didn’t quite scratch the itch, so I worked on another one.

My dear friend Tony Angelo happens to be in town right now. He is from near where I’m from, we went to the same college at the same time but didn’t know each other until we met in Los Angeles. He now lives in Brooklyn, so when his name comes up in conversation some of my friends like to imply that he’s actually just my imaginary friend. Primarily because he does this for a living:

So I’m whizzing away at my crossword puzzle. 8-down: A character from West Side Story (4 letters). 9-down: St. ___, TX (6 letters). Of course, I had to take a picture of the absolutely bizarre resulting coincidence:

How bizarre is that to see your friend’s full name in a crossword puzzle? Tony was pretty freaked out when I sent it to him. There must be a drift fan in the New York Times crossword department.

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