Ill-Gotten Brains LA edition

I was pleasantly surprised with the turnout for my talk at Machine Project in Echo Park, Los Angeles. Machine has its own built-in audience, and they came out in droves, to the point where some of my later friends ended up not being able to get in! The crowd was really great, very warm and attentive, and I’m happy with how the whole thing went. I’ve never elicited laughter from a roomful of people before, it’s really an indescribable feeling. You’ll be able to see my surprise on my face when I upload the video to Youtube…it’s already edited and ready, but I won’t upload it until after the talk this coming Friday at Observatory in Brooklyn (which is a Critic’s Pick in Time Out New York! Yay!).

I’ll share just a few photos from the event. Thanks again to everyone who made it out!

Colin Dickey, the author who spoke at our library in February, introduced me which was a nice surprise.

It was a packed house!

Me doing my thang.

After the talk, Peigi and I enjoy the Irish REDRUM beer that she brewed!

I’m already in East Coast trip preparatory mode. Doing laundry, loading audiobooks onto my iTunes, and making my ritual apologies to my waistline and liver for what I always put them through when I go home to Philadelphia. I’ll be there for the joint meeting of the Archivists & Librarians in the History of the Health Sciences/ American Association for the History of Medicine conference (say that five times fast!). The New York talk will be a quick detour up and back before the conference, then I’ll be in LA for just a week and back out to Minneapolis my first Medical Library Association meeting, where I’m presenting a paper, serving on the editorial board for JMLA, and learning my duties as incoming chair of the Technical Services Section. I’m already exhausted just typing all of that.

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