Shoot your friends

I spent my Memorial Day shooting headshots for my comedian friends Barbara Gray and Grant Pardee. I had gotten nice feedback on the shots I did for Grant before, but was told they weren’t close up enough to use for commercial headshots, so we had made plans to do another shoot, this time without the glasses. I think we ended the day with some good shots of Grant and he has a nice little varied set to choose from now. Shooting Babs was an absolute delight. I’m learning it’s far easier to shoot a girl for things like headshots because their hair (especially if it’s as gorgeous as Babs’s red mane) naturally frames their faces. I actually had a very hard time choosing favorites from Barbara’s set because I love them all so much, which is a good problem to have! I have so much fun shooting that I really don’t mind how long it takes or all of the work it requires to get the photos edited and uploaded. It helps to have such funny, pretty friends to shoot.

And I like to call this one “Subtle Humor.”

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