>Dead Girl on Campus

>Confession time: I’m a bit nervous about this on-campus session (that I’m leaving for tomorrow). Previously I was really looking forward to it, a chance to meet my fellow students and my professors, which will inevitably make communicating online in the future better (faces to names). But now all I can really think about is the INSANE amount of work they expect us to do while we’re there, and I can’t envision how I’m going to have enough time or energy to get to know anyone. I would love to grab a beer with some likeminded library types, take a dip in the hotel pool, whittle away hours in the Warhol Museum, and dalliances such as these when our classes are not in session. But no! I have to read some thousands of pages, do group projects (not my idea of “getting to know someone”) and pull a book review for 3 works out of my ass.

This state of affairs coupled with the unfortunate realization that this time when I’m traveling, I actually have to pay for EVERYTHING, fills me with dread. I’m so used to traveling in a work compacity that I’ve gotten used to extravagant hotel life – eating and drinking whatever I want, taxicabs, room service – now I will have to be thrifty which, judging by the new outfit I’m wearing and the mani&pedi I’m getting at lunch, is un-bloody-likely. Sigh.

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