>Big Love

>I wanted to post a few times since I’ve been here on campus, but I’ve been too busy having fun. My last post was all fire and brimstone and worry about the amount of work we’d have to do, and although the days are long and the sleeping hours few, I’ve actually made some really cool friends here in the Pitts. I am deeply impressed with how smart, fun, and interesting some of the people I’ve met here are. I even felt comfortable enough to invite some of them out to see my friends’ band and we all had a blast. The band ended up crashing in my hotel room which was fun. I know, I know, how do I afford my rock-n-roll lifestyle? (Answer: student loans!)

All of the things I said I wanted to do in my last entry but wouldn’t have time for, I’ve done. I’ve gotten many beers with some seriously rad people, I’ve had some great conversations, I’ve swam in the hotel pool multiple times, and I had a blast at the Warhol Museum. Besides all the nice social aspects of the Cohort on-campus session, I also feel 1,000 times better about the program in general. Please disregard previous bitching. I’ve got nothin’ but love for Space College.

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