>Escape to New York

>For my last gasp of a “vacation” before school starts on Monday, my friend Duck and I went to the MoMA to catch their Dada exhibit before it closes. The exhibit was pretty awesome (although no photography was allowed, sadly) but I took lots of other pictures, as this is the third time I’d been to the MoMA and hadn’t yet seen their full collection (the first time was in Queens and they barely had anything on display, the second time I was there to see an 8 hour film and couldn’t see anything else as a result.) On to the pics:

The architecture of the building is really beautiful. In this picture you can see three floors.

The Sculpture Garden was so pretty, and the weather was absolutely perfect; it was dark and cool all day but it didn’t rain. Such a relief from the August we’ve had.

Carlo Carrà – Funeral of the Anarchist Galli.. never seen or heard of this work before but it was beautiful.

Picasso sculpture, Glass of Absinthe.

Closeup of Jackson Pollock’s signature.

Duck looking at the Pollocks.

My reflection in the Brancusi. By far my favorite photo of the day.

My boy Lichtenstein (you can see me in this one too).

Me examining a Rauschenberg.

I can’t remember what artist did this minimalist green-blue-grey thing, but the picture of me and Duck in this reflection is really weird and cool.

After we left the MoMA we went to Kate’s Joint, this awesome vegan diner I’ve been to many times, and we ate a ton of food in a very short time frame (I had a vegan caesar salad, delicious African peanut soup, and the holy grail – vegan Disco fries! Then we split a piece of chocolate mousse cake). We went to a little bar with a photobooth and took some pictures, and realized that if we made it back to Penn Station within 30 minutes we’d get home at a reasonable time, so we downed the beer super fast. Duck started feeling ill right away. We ran for the train and got on, the train to Trenton was hell because I had to pee the entire hour and Duck was fighting vomiting, but once we got to Trenton everything was golden, although I think I was still a bit green from the experience:

Not terribly flattering picture of me on the train home. We walked home from Suburban Station and it was such a beautiful night! I hear the weather should be like this all week which is quite agreeable to me. Overall I think it was the most efficient and we didn’t get lost or anything. Good end to my vacation, as tomorrow it’s time for SCHOOL!

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