Well here we are, first day of school once again. Did I feel like I was really even out of school? Not particularly. I see Dr. T has posted some lengthy PDFs to read for the class that won’t really be up and rolling until Wednesday (first one is 46 pages). So, as I figured, the lack of required books does not really mean lack of required reading. That’s OK though, I’ll just try to plow through as usual, and everything should be OK. I’m no longer worried about my ability to succeed in the program, so it’s just a matter of staying motivated and keeping the rest of my shambles of a life in check. Meeting Justin after work to get the recommended book for 2700 and I also just received my copy of Ulysses and the companion book at work today for my reading group. I see lots of lengthy coffee shop hangs in my future this fall!

Speaking of, yesterday I went to the coffee shop on 9th & Bainbridge that my friend Anj had mentioned. I have to say, I liked it a great deal! The staff was nice, the space was really cool, the music was good, and the coffee was good, as was the other drink I got (something with coconut and ricemilk). I can envision that environment being the one where I get most of my work done this fall and winter, especially since they have free wifi. Sunny enough to give a view of the outside world but cozy enough to keep me comfy and working inside. Perhaps I’ll go back there sometime this week after work.

PS Saturday’s weather was such a tease. I can’t believe it’s going to be almost 90 today. I don’t care if it’s gray and rainy, but this humidity/heat has got to go away! It’s time for fall to happen.

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