>What I did on my (tiny) Summer Vacation


Finished seaming the sweater over lunch. I hope I get to take some better pictures soon, after I block the sweater (I took these with my camera phone in my cube). I must say though, this knitting went really fast, the seaming is nearly invisible and it’s the best fitting garment I’ve produced thus far. I might just be getting good at this knitting thing! Too bad I probably won’t be able to knit much again until my NEXT term break!


5 thoughts on “>What I did on my (tiny) Summer Vacation

  1. Mark says:

    >That looks fantastic! I’ll have to show it to one of our resident knitting enthusiasts, here at the library. (Finding knitting enthusiasts in a library is a lot like shooting fish in a barrel.)

  2. Megan says:

    >Thanks! Knitters and librarianship go hand in hand, lots of the people in my knitting circle work in libraries of various stripes. I think it’s because it’s a creative endeavor that arises out of a mastery of a complex structure/set of rules…

  3. Stefanie says:

    >….or because we’re all nerds (in a good way). Case in point: I’ve wanted to learn how to knit FOR-EV-ERRRR, but it hasn’t been tackled yet. I can sew a mean purse, though!

  4. Laura says:

    >So professional looking. Love the hood. I, sadly, have to stick to scarves and blankets. Any sweater I tried to crochet would surely have three arms.

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