>Autumn Beckons


I’ve had it with summer, it is time for fall, dammit! I’m willing it to be fall. Cardigans and leaves and pumpkin ales are dancing in my head. Finishing my sweater was one aspect of my hoping that my actions will somehow influence the weather. The second was tonight’s dinner: sweet potato chili. The finished product looks a bit different than the picture, where the sweet potatoes were still hard and it wasn’t nearly as thick. I’m going to write the recipe in my LJ but not here, because I’m not sure if y’all are interested in such things, but this chili was completely ad hoc and involves sweet potatoes, tempeh, black eyed peas, black beans, carrots, and various sorts of majicks. If you want the “recipe” let me know, I just wanted to post about that and the tasty iced peach green tea I made tonight.

C’mon fall! FALLLL.

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