>My first whining post of the term

>Oh Tomer, why do you do this to me?

I thought we had no books for 2002. Now we have like, 6? I hope that they’re all e-books because it’s not fair that they said before that there were no books and now there are. Blarg.

Also I just want clarification: is the on-campus session the 21st or the 27th of October? Because I just got asked to be Candice’s date for a fancy pants gay wedding on the 21st at the Philosophical Society and I reallllllly want to go (any excuse to wear my vintage little black dress!). Plus I bet a lot of people have already booked hotels and the like. Eep!

Ground control to Major Tom: You’re back in Space College. Realizing that I can’t do whatever I want now with all this work to do again, I cancel my plans for this evening and plan to just go home and read, read, read. I hope I find some time for Ulysses this weekend, now that I have the book! But unfortunately The Accidental Library Manager and endless PDFs are the menu du jour. Bitch bitch bitch…

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