>Procrastination Station

>Guess who hasn’t really started writing the paper that’s due tonight?
Guess who has a big presentation at work tomorrow that she also didn’t start?
Guess who is in an inexplicably good mood despite all this?

I think part of the good mood might be that I’m finalizing some birthday plans, and I decided for my 25th anniversaire I’m going to go balls out. I’m talking multiple parties, over the course of weeks.

First up: a sleepover! All girls and gay dudes, all silliness, November 17
On my actual birthday (December 1), I’ll be in NYC on tour with Adam Arcuragi and crew! Can’t wait to be on tour for a long weekend!
The week after, my actual birthday party, to which I will invite practically everyone I’ve ever known. It should be real fun.
I’m also planning to do a small, dressed up New Year’s at my house again this year, on the menu: vegan French. Mon dieu!

So I pretty much have amazing and fun plans nearly every weekend from now until after New Years. Holy hell!

L’aventure commence…

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