>Irish Eyes Are Smilin’

>The Scholars

BALD heads forgetful of their sins,
Old, learned, respectable bald heads
Edit and annotate the lines
That young men, tossing on their beds,
Rhumed out in love’s despair
To flatter beauty’s ignorant ear.

All shuffle there, all cough in ink;
All wear the carpet with their shoes;
All think what other people think;
All know the man their neighbor knows.
Lord, what would they say
Did their Catullus walk that way?

William Butler Yeats

Thought this was kinda funny, looking forward to this weekend, I just hope I can accomplish all I want to do before I leave. Pittsburghers, am I going to need to wear my winter coat? I’m a total wuss when it comes to the weather. I am looking forward to some foliage on the drive through PA.

Today was the first day in Philadelphia that I came in from lunch and my nose and cheeks were all pink with cold. Because of this weather all I want to do is read poetry, drink tea or coffee, and wear scarves. Unfortunately I am obliged to do a lot more than that. I wish I had my camera with me, I would go take some photos in Rittenhouse Square, maybe some other time this week. Fall!

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