>Having a Very Philebrity Christmas

>Oh today. At work in theory but not in practice. Had a great lunchtime shopping excursion with Christian, came back to the cube for my last hour of work (get out at 3) to discover two of my friends on Philebrity today.

The first is my darlin’ Mr. Robert Drake, chattin’ it up about Xmas music with WPRB’s Jon Solomon. What an adorable conversation. I love radio people, they warm my little Grinch heart. Hope to catch some of Robert’s Xmas eve show when I’m going home to the parents.

The second is my houseguest Mr. Adam Arcuragi. Yesterday he told me he made a Christmas card, but I had no idea what I was in for. He’s going a little Brian Wilson on us in this one, but I’ll be damned if the new song of his he plays isn’t fantastic. Mostly hilarious and just a touch creepy, just like Christmas should be in the Illadelph. Here’s the link to the Philebrity jawn, but I’ll also just embed the Youtube video here just for the fun of it. Merry Christmas Philadelphia.

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