>Good Morning Philadelphia


Oh my little Blogger, how I’ve been neglecting thee. I’ve been busy and far, far more productive than I have been in months. Been nerding out over lots of things — The Prisoner, HBO’s Rome, Ulysses, schoolwork and space. Prompted by an interesting New Year’s Eve conversation about various library school stuff and untraditional usage of Web 2.0-style tagging, I started a dream LJ and have been logging and tagging my dreams every night to see what kind of themes emerge (it’s a friends-only journal so that I can be completely forthright with my dreams’ content, all in the name of pseudo-scientific inquiry!)

I moved into my new house in Fishtown and I’m loving it. The picture above is from my bedroom window on the morning I left for Tucson (there are some of the best photos I’ve ever taken on my Flickr from that trip). Been reading a whole lot, actually enjoying the class readings thus far and doing my own pleasure reading, cooking up a storm in my awesome new kitchen (I even made my own seitan!!) and just generally having a good time of it.

How are all you other cosmonauts in Space College?

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