>The Plight of the Elusive Male Librarian

>I’m really starting to feel for my male counterparts in this field. First came the New York Times with the unbearably hilarious term guybrarian, now there’s a comic about what to call a male librarian, and how do they address you poor saps?


I think guybrarian has a much nicer ring to it. It’s like saying, “Yo dude, I can totally hook you up with the new issue of Neuron. No worries.” It makes you seem cool and confident but with the bibliographic skillz to pay the billz. But there’s something sad and still-lives-with-his-momma about Libraryman. Unless you think of it like a super hero. But I think guys who live with their mommas like superheroes too, so you might not want to identify yourself that way. Either way you fellas have a pretty rough shake of it.

I don’t have a new suggested term to offer, I think like many oppressed groups it’d be best for you male librarians to come up with a term for yourselves that you’re comfortable with. Godspeed, gentleman. I mean, totally tough, rugged dudes.


5 thoughts on “>The Plight of the Elusive Male Librarian

  1. Burntdisk says:

    >’ey, we’ll have no busting on the graphic format here. Comics are the classic literature of the late 20th, early 21st century. You’ll never think of HPL the same again after THIS Graphic Classic.javascript: openMyPopUp(‘../eshop/pop_product.asp?sKey=lovecraft&crypt=HPcog%3F%28NPcog%3F%28WugtKF%3F59567%3B49%3A%28WutPcog%3F%28WutV%7Brg%3F%28WutNgxgn%3F&ADV=2&SearchCat=&CT_PARID=62&PRID=628971&CGID=113&mysearch=yes&Page=&Ref=Search&InCart=0′,’ProductDetail’,550,498,300,100)Well, back to my Godzilla slippers and D&D books.

  2. Mark says:

    >We are truly a disenfranchised minority; the man’s always keepin’ us down . . .Byrnt, what’s going on with that link?Libraryman, professional courtesy obligates me to point out what an easy target you’re presenting.Megan, I just posted some French stuff.

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