>I know it’s been a while, dear library friends, but I feel like I had to share this with you all (esp BillFee).

I went to my friend’s event last night that blew my mind. So here’s the scoop, apparently after The Beatles hit Japan in the mid-60s this new genre of Beatles-esque Japanese music cropped up called Group Sounds. They all have early Beatles hair and styling and sing bubbly guitar driven pop songs. My friend Joseph did an event last night where he showed the GS version of “Help!” called “Go Forward!” about this band The Spiders which was hilarious and awesome, then The Captains (pictured above) played.

Let me just say they were INCREDIBLE. The lead singer has this Japanese androgynous Bowie thing going on, and magician hands that do elaborate dance moves and some syncronized choreography. The dude uses props like umbrellas and mirrors and flowers. They are wildly over-the-top and fucking awesome. Some days I thank god for Youtube:

Fall in Love with Me Live
This will give you some idea of how awesome they are live. The singer faints from “too much love” and screams OH MY GODDDDD then the crowd has to chant “Wake up!” for him to get back up. Trust me all 7 minutes is worth it.

Like a rhinestone cowboy… Cowboy style video

I swear the Japanese are so far ahead of us with things like video technology. I bet Japanese kids are doing that Matrix move on their cell phones now. Matrix style video

At the show last night they got everyone doing the Love! Like! Volcano! dance moves. Some kids were absolutely freaking out dancing, which you all know in Philly is quite a feat.Love Like Volcano Live

I think The Captains are going to ruin me for all other bands. I mean, if all other bands don’t have props or choregraphed dance moves or matching military jackets, it’s just not a performance.

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