Qui êtes-vous, Point Mugu?

It has suddenly erupted into summertime in Los Angeles! Yesterday a group of friends took a hike in Malibu’s Point Mugu to celebrate our friend Dormouse’s birthday. We encountered a rattlesnake playing possum (which we luckily realized just in the nick of time) and a swarm of bees. It was like being in a video game. But! It was a gorgeous hike, and although there was little shade, the breeze off of the ocean was wonderful. We got snacks at Neptune’s Net, and presented Dormouse with a “birthday brie” in lieu of cake. N.B. – those big wax candles do not stand up as well in cheese as they do in cake. Etan and I haven’t been hiking nearly as much as we used to do, but I think we’ve most certainly got the bug again. We’re hoping to go camping very soon, maybe even the weekend after the 4th. Full set here, a few favorites:

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