The Camera’s Eye

There have been a surprising amount of developments in my photographic life in these past few weeks. Besides taking an illuminating class and having a new lens on its way to me in the mail, I’ve gotten a number of exciting publishing opportunities in the next few weeks that I will try to keep mum on until I actually have something to show for it. I have also updated the photography area on my site with some slideshows..primitive for now, but I hope to zazz it up a bit in the future.

I did, however, finally get to do a shoot I’ve wanted to do since I moved to Los Angeles. The current Los Angeles Zoo resides in Griffith Park, but so do the remaining cages of the former, Depression-era Los Angeles Zoo, which are now overrun with ivy and spiders (and needles, depending on who you ask). My friend Sera, who is a wonderful photographer in addition to being a talented musician, shot me and I shot her, in kind. What resulted is my favorite shoot I’ve done so far. Here are a few favorites:

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