Heidi Heidi Heidi, hi!

This weekend I had the pleasure of shooting the lovely comedian Heidi Hayward. I was itching to use some of the tricks I learned in a photo class I’ve taken recently. Heidi was an absolute delight, and we had fun running around town like we were on a scavenger hunt, shooting here and there, trying new ideas and backgrounds. The full set is here. Some of the pictures above are our favorites for commercial headshots, but we also got some more candid shots that I’m quite fond of…

Today I shoot my boy-muse Mr. Grant Pardee and then Etan and I are off to Denver! I’m so excited, expect photos, but unfortunately not with my new zoom lens that I blogged about, because it broke the day after I bought it, while I was on a shoot for a magazine, no less. It’ll take some time before they fix it, unfortunately.

I’m a little behind on non-photo blog posts, but I’ve got some exciting libraryland stuff coming up that I’ll be writing about soon.

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